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Frostwire has changed over time!?

April 9th, 2012 Comments (0)

Frostwire is popular software designed for the purpose of managing peer -to- peer file transfer. This program allows users to join already established networks on the internet so that they can easily and freely transfer files between them. . It is the easier software application for a layman to download huge chunks of data over the internet. One such client is Frostwire (earlier a Gnutella client), is a joint effort of hundreds of open source and freelance developers from around the world. Frostwire offers faster download and upload speeds. It also has built- in chartrooms, tunes connectivity compatibility, smart phone and tablet support, with lots of skins (themes) to choose from. . Once it is installed on your computer/laptop, you’ll get handful of options to tweak it to your like before starting the endless fun while using it. Frostwire offers its compatibility to all the popular operating systems available including Linux and Android (2.1 or higher).
The Frostwire project was started in September 2004, after Lime Wire’s distributors considered adding blocking code in response to RIAA (recording Industry Association of America). The RIAA threatened legal action against several peer to peer developers including Lime Wire .Lime Wire was finally shut down on 26th October 2010 as it was under a court order to stop them from distributing and developing p2p software. Because of this, Frostwire became very popular as it was very identical to Lime Wire having almost similar features.
Frostwire allows any individual to share his/her content to millions of users right from his/her computer without any cost, all because of its Bit Torrent P2P network. Ever copy of Frostwire is a self-contained smart search engine that crawls the Bit Torrent network and it is able to find the rarest of files indexed by .torrent files available on the internet. Frostwire 5, now counts with a powerful media library that allows a user to organize and find the media files in your computer, aggregates internet radio stations and support for audio playback in almost all the most popular audio formats available today. Apart from all this Frostwire also helps to level the playfield of content distribution for various people working under the roof, content creators, musicians, film makers, writers, software developers, game developers and almost all other kinds of content creators those who can put their work into bytes and can benefit from FrostWire to distribute their work for free to millions of people without having to pay for centralized hosting bandwidth.
Frostwire is spy ware. It also guarantees that there is no malware and no ad ware.  Over all the torrent client programs Frostwire also has a better protection and better connectivity against bad hosts. It is legal software and a user can download Frostwire free legal downloads from the website It is the fastest Bit Torrent and Gnutella P2P program, It offers faster download speeds than other programs available, BTIH Magnet torrent download compatible. The official website offers a lot of help to its old and new users. You can get an answer about any of your possible question by sharing your quarry in the Frostwire community chat group or you can find it in the FAQ section of the website. You’ll also come to know about how to install and how to use the program to its full potential for a satisfactory result.
You also have an option for pausing you download selection and to resume it later. Frostwire has one very unique feature that it preserves the state of downloads in the case of system crash. i.e., If by any mean a user accidentally exits the Frostwire window while the file download was active, it will automatically terminate all those downloads and even uploads at that time. These entire download will resume the next time you start the program, but only if the host of that particular download would be connected to the Gnutella network. You can also preview files that are being downloaded. A user can also block access to files by using Frostwire’s filter option.
Latest version is 5.3.4 (referred to as 5th version) and using this allows users to enjoy the best program functionality. All the bugs reported in the earlier versions have been fixed for this latest version. It has a strong hub and that it certainly is a step up from its earlier versions as well as from Lime Wire itself. All in all Frostwire is your best bet for complete torrent experience, the user interface is easy to use, there are a lot of useful and handy features that make it easy for you to use it. You can run Frostwire on nearly every popular operating system. Frostwire does seem to be a good option, infact a very good option.


The origin of Frostwire

April 8th, 2012 Comments (0)

FrostWire, for those who don’t know much about the name should remember that it is one of the largest and popularly used BitTorrent clients by millions around the world, for their task of downloading or uploading (simply sharing) various file types over internet. FrostWire is a peer-to-peer (P2P) data- and file-sharing program. Individuals usually use FrostWire to share personal files, images and music files with other users of the software. Unlike much other P2P software available today, FrostWire is an open-source program and is not for profit.

FrostWire was 1st released on September 2004 as an alternate for LimeWire. It was a product of developers of LimeWire itself. LimeWire was the popular choice for peer-to-peer file transfer before FrostWire took the place. LimeWire had to face legal action from the RIAA, The Recording Industry Association of America Earlier. LimeWire eventually stopped working in 2010. On its launch FrostWire was very similar to LimeWire in its usage, functionality and its appearance. It worked on Gnutella support and platform till its 4th version but since the 5th version the Gnutella support was dropped entirely. There’s a constant development on the software since it was first launched, back in 2004. The look and the user interface has been updated and completely changed. Now the interface is much smoother and very easy to use and get around. There are very useful features and options available for the user. Options such as selecting and using a skin (theme) of your choice, iTunes connectivity. You can also connect your smartphones and or your tablet computers with the program.

Although FrostWire is freeware and an open source program, it is free of spyware and malware. FrostWire is available for windows, mac, linux, android and for almost every major operating system present today. There are very useful functions within the software itself, not only you can search for almost any file that you wish for, you can download it too, and yes, it works. You can easily pause your downloads when you wish to and can resume it later. The program automatically freezes the download whenever there is a system crash. While downloading files you can get a preview of the same at the same time or you can turn it off if you wish to. There is an option to block certain files and file types, something like a parental control. FrostWire provides you super fast speeds and it is very safe to download files from. It is an effective application.

Currently FrostWire is one of the leading peer-to-peer, open source software, as it becomes more popular every day. It is the inn thing to download and upload large sized files or share and search with the help of torrent programs. Since FrostWire now completely works under BitTorrent support and is the best BitTorrent client available, it is hard to live without it.  In simple terms if you are familiar to the concept of p2p file transfer and know a little about torrent files, then FrostWire might not need an introduction for you. It enables its users to join already established networks so that they can transfer files between them freely. It is effective and is recommended by many users, you can check for the support and also find details about the software on the official FrostWire website (


Frostwire Is Free And Very User Friendly

November 15th, 2011 Comments (0)

For many software users in the world today, Frostwire is a dream come true because they can share software faster than ever before. This is the latest invention in the peer 2 peer technology. As a specialized version of the file’s predecessor called limewire, Frostwire is just the solution to many internet users in the world. It operates under the Gnutella network and it makes use of the BitTorennt technique. However, that is not what makes it must-have software for people who love to share programs on the internet, but what makes it so appealing is that Frostwire is free of charge. Add to that the fact that this software has no flaws at all and so many internet users have made it a darling. Even the critics agree that indeed, this P2P file is greater than all of its predecessors. With open source software becoming ever popular by the day, you too can use Frostwire freely.

One of the major advantages of Frostwire is that you can use it for simultaneous downloads and it develops not hitch. This is both time and money saving. If you do not have to wait until the first download is over so that you can go ahead and download another software, then that makes Frostwire a plus for many people. Frostwire is actually changing lives everywhere because now, many people can interact with each other freely, but its has especially made a mark in the internet gaming world where people can now share gaming programs frequently and easier than before.

With such an advanced P2P file like Frostwire, you would expect it to come with a lot of technicality but that is not really the case. In the contrary, Frostwire is really amazing and so user friendly that you do not have to be a whizz kid to be able to use Frostwire. Anyone can be able to download a BitTorrent file with Frostwire. What’s more, as a Frostwire user, you really can give this P2P program a tweak where you want it. For example, when downloading software from the internet, sometimes you never know what is protected by copyright and what is not. You no longer have to worry about that because Frostwire has solved the problem for you. All that you have to do is set Frostwire content filters such that it can only download the free material. This way, you save yourself a lot of trouble because downloading copyrighted software can lead to prosecution.

While you are using Frostwire to download files, you save a lot of time. Why is this? Frostwire is one of the most advanced programs such that it allows you to preview the semi-downloaded files so that you know the quality and content of the file even before it is finished. If you do not like it, you can then stop the download before too much time has elapsed. This is indeed commendable and it is what many people have been looking forward to. Thanks to Frostwire, tomorrow’s technology is now here with us. Today, you can change the way you download files, make it easier and faster. You will love Frostwire, because it is the epitome of efficiency.

Being free software given by its developers to people, you should be able to find Frostwire here, free of charge. You should also find it on many other websites out there, but you have to remember that Frostwire is free and therefore you should not do any surveys for anyone to download it. Note that it is not compatible with all environments, that is, Frostwire is not going to work with all operating systems. Therefore, if you want to use it, you may have to change over to the operating system that is compatible with Frostwire. As of now, Frostwire can only work within the Windows environment, which, though limiting and locking other users out, is a small price to pay for the awesome benefits that you will enjoy.

There are hundreds of Frostwire benefits, but you cannot understand them before you use it. For example, do you know that Frostwire experience no downswing when you are using it for downloads?  Of course, you don’t know, because you have not used it. Here, we will bring you more information about Frostwire, how it is changing lives and what’s more, you can download it free of charge. Frostwire is an idea whose time has come. Or what would you say about a program that is able to locate even the rarest files?  With a user-friendly inntterfface, Frostwire becomes a win-win situation for everyone out there. When we say it is free, it is free indeed, no cost attached. Download it today and experience the Frostwire; the unsung hero, first hand.


What makes Frostwire such a great tool

March 27th, 2011 Comments (0)

The world of computers have changed three sixty degrees round. The changes are such large that they are making influence on the life of masses. Computers have seen five generations for now. The computers at that time were out of the reach of common man but with the passage of time they came in the hands of general masses.
Frostwire is a Peer-to-Peer file sharing software built on Gnutella and BitTorrent protocol technology. This software is follows same rules and regulations to meet the standard as were used to built Limewire. Frostwire 4.18.3 uses nearly same source codes as that were used in Limewire Professional edition. One of the biggest thing that make it stand elite among the lead of P-2-P applications is that it is written in Java, Java applications can run on  multiple platform. This program was launched to sustain the mounting pressure and to show a firm retaliation towards the legal issues. It was first released in Sept. 2004. The second and much stable version of Frostwire was released a year later in 2005.
Well there have been series of roar in the Life span of Limewire project if you presentably visit the official website Limewire you will be stunned to see a notice struck on there saying “This is an official notice that LimeWire is under a court-ordered injunction to stop distributing and supporting its file-sharing software. Downloading or sharing copyrighted content without authorization is illegal.”
One of the greatest things about FrostWire is its ease of installation it can be installed on various OS, like Windows, Mac and Linux this is just a glimpse of where actually you can use it some of the additional places where you favorite Version of Frostwire 4.18.3 is iTune, this version is even compatible with Android operating system the most popular OS for Smart Phones (Mobile Devices) that is being used in nearly every second mobile phone. There has been lots of hard work behind it put together by thousands of developers and freelancers across the globe.
To use FrostWire don’t need to be Tech savior, a person who is just familiar with computers can use it tool. Three steps far are your favorite Frostwire, minimum System requirement to run Frostwire successfully on your machine.
This application has changed the face of P-2-P computing and the way people look at the things on the web. Well the usage actually depends on you how actually you take things wither you can take it for granted on things or not. Be careful you can easily get lost in the world of web.


Fostwire versus Limewire

March 9th, 2011 Comments (0)

Before moving ahead with things let us draw a fine line of distinction between FrostWire and LimeWire. We shall start with defining these terms firstly.
Limewire – It’s software that comes under proprietary rights and is used for peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P). This software package is built in Java and Runs on java platform and it uses Gnutella network protocol allowing you to search and share files simultaneously. There are two variants of lime wire one is the free version and another one is Professional version for which you have to pay a small amount of money. Presently LimeWire has come up with its own product shop providing products and product specific solutions.

FrostWire – Frostwire another peer-to peer file sharing program rolled out by the creators of LimeWire with general line of distinction i.e. the use of sharing technology it works on different protocol it uses protocols like BitTorrent and Gnutella. This application is also built on Java platform. It comes with GNU/GPL (General Public License) allowing the users to share it with modifications under same terms and policies.  .

Frostwire in comparison to Limewire:

•    Frostwire and Limewire both are created for file P-2-P but when tested under standard conditions it is found that Frostwire a bit faster than Limewire while loading the files. Frostwire responds faster as it merely takes 5 seconds to start off but at the same time Limewire takes a few more seconds. So according to tests it is concluded that Frostwire is faster than Limewire.

•    General out lay Frostwire and Limewire- Well there is not a quite large amount of difference between the two, both of them has nearly similar looks but Frostwire is slightly better than Limewire. You may be wondering what to do with the looks; well outlook is the most significant part that attracts the people most towards themselves. Almost all the features are same except the color scheme Frostwire has blue and white color scheme or skin while Limewire has green and white color skin.

•    Faster Downloading speed- Well the most important part for which people raise there eyebrows is downloading speed. When tested we found that Frostwire took only 40 seconds to download a sample web content  on the other hand when same volume of data was downloaded thought LimeWire it took 60 sec thus creating a huge volume of difference between the two.
So from the above things we can conclude that Frostwire is better than Limewire as it has leverage on all the standard tests that were conducted on them.


KEY Facts about FrostWire

March 9th, 2011 Comments (0)

With the boom in Internet the concept of sharing has gained momentum one of the best way to share files over internet is to use peer to peer sharing methods. P-2-P sharing has become a common practice for people all across the web. There are much P2P software’s, this article will focus on FrostWire which is one of the easiest and user friendly software’s to use.

FrostWire is a P2P program which was started from ground zero in September 2004 for using Gnutella and Bit Torrent protocols. Protocol is a set of governing rules which allow various devices over the net to communicate with each other.  FrostWire is developed on Java platform, so it can support multiple platforms. It’s an open source product developed by thousands of contributors all across the globe. Bit Torrent engine using TLP is the power supplying technology that runs on back end of FrostWire this technology is developed by Azureus technology. Well today FrostWire has nearly replaced Limewire with which number of issues were involved especially the issue of constraints due to blocking code in limewire. There are many good things about FrostWire firstly it is a freeware secondly the latest version of FrostWire has been built to target the mobile users by providing support for Androids operating system.

While using open source software this is the question that stuck your mind at first site i.e. is it safe to use FrostWire as P2Ps software. The answer is a big yes but again like any other P2Ps FrostWire is not 100% safe if one is a bit careless on the terms and conditions. But what FrostWire ensure is that you are not struck with any ads or any kind of malware it provides a safe passage for downloader’s thus allowing you to download anything that is tested but there is a tag that is labeled with it says play safely while you are on web a small mistake can make you a prey of web animals.

Well secondly the issue that haunts the mind of people is whether there is any legal issues associated with it. It’s free software that comes with GNU/GPL you are facilitated with the option of reusing it on the condition that you can redistribute it only under GNU/GPL terms and conditions in which you have bought it. It works on sharing and improving methodology.


How to Improve Frostwire Connectivity

February 19th, 2011 Comments (0)

FrostWire is a P2P file sharing program for the Gnutella and Bit Torrent clients. It was started in September 2004.  FrostWire 4.20.1 is the latest version of FrostWire which was released in February 2010.

This article focuses on how to improve connection in FrostWire and how to detect connection issues while using FrostWire.

Nothing happens when you start FrostWire:

This may occur if FrostWire has been uninstalled by an anti-spyware program. The anti-spyware might have misjudged FrostWire to be a spyware and could have removed it. In such cases although the FrostWire software has been removed the shortcut icon on the desktop will still show up. The other possibility is that the java in the system could be corrupted. To rectify this problem incase of java malfunction. Uninstall java and download the java again and reinstall it.

Is internet needed to run FrostWire?

Internet connection is a must for the FrostWire to connect to Gnutella network, because Gnutella network is a group of computers connected through internet.

Unable to start FrostWire

This could be due to a security program because some security programs installed on the computer might block FrostWire unless an exception has been made for FrostWire. You can add FrostWire to the exception list so that the security program will not block it.

Tips to establish good connectivity in FrostWire

To establish a good connection run FrostWire for a long time, because if an application is run on an extended period of time, it will usually result in better connection and experience. Also over a period of time the network grows and quality results are generated.

Sometimes FrostWire loses connection with Gnutella network. A faulty internet connection could lead to sporadic connectivity. The other possibilities are software and hardware problems, overloaded ISP, limitations imposed on your ISP. But if you get disconnected from the Gnutella network, there will be no impact on downloads which are already in progress. However, there is a possibility that FrostWire gets disconnected and remains disconnected. In such scenario follow the below steps

•    Make sure you are in classic “view”

•    Then click on Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Event Viewer
•    On the left side of the window you find system, click on that.
If FrostWire generates an error with an even ID 4226 during the time it got disconnected from the Gnutella network then follow the below steps to reduce the occurrence of this error

•    Go to Tools>> Options >> Speed and disable ultapeer capabilities
•    The other internet surfing’s and programs used alongside FrostWire should be minimized
•    The simultaneous downloads should be reduced or minimized.


How to use Frostwire for your favorite Music Player

February 19th, 2011 Comments (0)

FrostWire is a Peer to Peer application which is good for file sharing and later can be used to save or to download your favorite file such as to download, transfer and to share music files in all formats say MP3 and other music formatted files. The structure of Frostwire is so friendly that any user can search and download files with ease and the overall download and transfer process can take minimum 30 seconds to 5-6 minutes, according to the count of download files in queue and also on the processor speed of user’s computer system.
Follow the given instructions to use Frostwire for your favorite music player:-
•    Click on Frostwire and open it on your computer system.

•    Follow FrostWire’s shared or saved folder and check the folder path where song files exist. Now Press and hold the control key of your system and select each file that you want to move to the music player of your choice.

•    Now Right click any of the highlighted music file and copy it and you can find that all of the selected music files will be copied to transfer.

•    Now you can connect the music player to your computer system by using its external cable or USB cable. Then operating system will automatically detect the music player and it will display the auto play pop up box on the window screen.

•    After clicking auto play window it will ask to view the music player hard drive folder. A Music or Media sub folder should be available to play in the music player’s hard drive folder.

•    Now Right-click over the Music sub-folder and click Paste to move or transfer all of the selected songs to play with your favorite music player.


What Makes Frostwire Better Than Limewire?

February 19th, 2011 Comments (0)

Before going further let’s consider the definition of Frostwire and Limewire:-

Limewire – It is a free peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) client which runs on java platform and is available with Gnutella network to search files and share them as well. You can have an easy access to Limewire PRO if pay a small fee. Now Limewire has come up with its own store.

FrostWire – Frostwire is also a peer-to peer file sharing program like Limewire but it differs a bit from Limewire as it works for Protocols like BitTorrent and Gnutella. It is always written in java and it functions as a fork of Limewire. Frostwire has General Public License and it is free software.

Frostwire in comparison to Limewire:

•    Frostwire is faster than Limewire- when we compare the load time of both the programs, we find Frostwire a bit faster than Limewire. Frostwire starts faster and takes only 5 seconds to start off but Limewire takes an extra second. So Frostwire is faster than Limewire.

•    Frostwire has better looks than Limewire- Both programs are almost similar in their outer look but Frostwire is little better than Limewire. Most of their features are same like tabs (but, Limewire has more tabs) and other basic features. The main difference between the two is color scheme. Frostwire has blue and white color scheme whereas Limewire has green and white color scheme. The look of Frostwire is no doubt better than Limewire.

•    Frostwire has better download Speed as compared to Limewire- Now the most important part of any peer-to-peer file sharing program is its download speed. When we compare both programs in terms of their downloading speed, we find Frostwire better than Limewire. You can test it by downloading an episode of any of your favourite web series for example “Arby n Chief”. Frostwire defeats Limewire by downloading faster. Frostwire takes only 15 seconds to download the same web series and defeats Limewire by 25 seconds. What else one could desire for than having such an amazing download speed.

•    Frost wire is only a free version it doesn’t have any paid version like Limewire PRO but it has all features of both Limewire’s free version as well as Limewire pro’s paid programs. Frostwire also has a chat room which is not available in Limewire.
So it’s clear now that Frostwire is better than Limewire in each way. You don’t need to think twice before choosing Frostwire. You will get everything at its best at Frostwire- best looks, fast load time and fast download time.


Whats Inside Frostwire

February 19th, 2011 Comments (0)

FrostWire is a peer to peer program which works as a BitTorrent client and it is a program which you can install in to computer system which allows uploading and downloading files like movies, games, softwares, images and MP3 music files. We can say that like other basic BitTorrent Clients like utorrent etc, Frostwire has more features which are easy to use and is very user friendly.

Technically, FrostWire use java based technology which uses file sharing program with the Gnutella and BitTorrent Protocols. It is somewhere connected to Limewire branch which also uses Gnutella Client framework with both free as well as paid versions where as FrostWire, is a completely open source free tool which released under the GNU- General Public Licence.Also, Frostwire has one more advantage over other peer to peer program that it does not contain any download restrictions like the other free versions of peer to peer programs like LimeWire etc.
FrostWire requires very minimal requirements to install it on the computer system. Your computer system must have a minimum of 128 MB of RAM, but 256 MB is recommended. FrostWire can be installed on any version of Linux, Mac OS and Windows 2000. But it requires Java platform 1.5 or later version to run this program. Must have good Internet Connection so you download files at much faster rate otherwise it may raise down the download speed with slower dial-up connections.
Like Limewire you can have the search option to search files by typing the name of the desire application in the search box. After searching file you can get the results according to the match of your search which can be displayed in the results window. Also, all files can be filtered by type, size and speed. All other features like to download a file by clicking the download button are same as that of Limewire. Files downloading time will depend on the speed of your internet connection speed and it will take the time to download a file accordingly.
It’s really important to keep few points factors in mind while installing Frostwire. While installing FrostWire, It will ask you to choose the location of files to be saved and you can save the folder of your choice to save your downloaded files. Any folder that you choose to share will be available to other peers on the whole network. If you are using slower internet connection, you can lower the limit of number of files that can be uploaded by going to the tools options.
FrostWire has some great features like it has a built-in chat messenger that helps you to talk to other members while downloading and sharing files. Also, it has some advanced security functions which can filter the junk file content. So, all these features make it tech easier and a smart P2P program.



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    FrostWire is the leading P2P program. Frostwire is the easiest program to use, just enter the filename you are looking for, hit search and within minutes you have it on your PC

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